Tech "The Right Way"


Since I started school this spring, it has been difficult for me to find time for projects or development. Instead, I have been spending most of my time learning new topics related to web design using Team TreeHouse—an online learning service that specializes in teaching tech. My twin brother James introduced me to TreeHouse after seeing one of their ads on YouTube. And, I cannot thank James enough for finding them!

“The Right Way”


TreeHouse is teaching technology “the right way”. They are not teaching out of a boring textbook, from a chalkboard, or behind a lectern (especially for computer-based topics). Instead, they teach technology with technology—using brilliantly crafted video tutorials, in-browser quizzes, and challenging follow along examples. If only I had discovered TreeHouse sooner and not wasted hours and dollars with college courses that fail to teach the same concepts!

On their website, you can find learning materials for topics like front-end web design (CSS, JS, HTML), back-end web development, mobile development, and the list goes on. I have found myself taking their “do-it-yourself” examples and adapting them for my own side projects which is awesome. Without a doubt, Treehouse has been crucial for me.

And it does not stop there! TreeHouse also includes content for how to start your own business. How convenient! Needless to say, I have watched every single one of those videos.


So to recap, I want to show one of TreeHouse’s ads from about two years ago. It may be a little dated, but it still really captures what TreeHouse is all about.

Here are my “three” takeaways for what I consider to be most important to TreeHouse’s method.

  1. It is “do-by-example”
  2. It assumes no prior experience
  3. It is visually engaging, accessible anywhere, and fun!