Blogging for Business


Two weeks ago, I stumbled upon a new video series being offered at Team TreeHouse on “How to Build Your Business Through Blogging” featuring author and blogger extraordinaire C.C. Chapman. It sounded interesting because I blog from time to time, but I had never taken a business approach to blogging… so I watched it.


Prior to watching the videos, I had no idea who Chapman was or if the series would be worth the time it took to watch; however, I trusted that TreeHouse would deliver again with quality material. And thankfully they did. Taking Chapman’s advice, I have already started yielding the fruits of my labor by redesigning this blog.

According to Chapman, I had been blogging ineffectively for the past few years. I had to agree because although I have a blog, I am not sure how many people ever view it. Actually, I do have Google Analytics embedded, but I do not really keep up with the statistics.

Back to the point. It became apparent that most of my posts lacked the engaging content that really draws people’s interest. For example, not all my posts included pictures. This sounds like a trivial thing, but pictures really aid in whether a person visits a link when it is shared with them somewhere online. Also, my posts were not frequent enough. Chapman advises bloggers to create their own schedules to know how and when they are going to release new content. Nothing too fancy, but just a blogging schedule that works for you. The concept is not really that different from how TV shows and YouTube series attract viewers with new episodes or weekly updates.

So, today I am turning a new leaf and changing the way I blog. Expect to hear something new from me once a week, and this time I will post pictures.