Tips for Lifelong Learning


Having just graduated from a 4-year college, my career has been pretty short in comparison to most. But, where my career is today and where it will be tomorrow is absolutely dependent on continued learning, or becoming a lifelong learner if you will. In today’s fast-paced industry, learning will most likely involve seeking new skills in ways that challenge the norm. But thankfully, there is promise for such lifelong learning online–a promise that will save you time and money while helping you earn more of both.

Provided you have access to a decent computer and the Internet, the barrier to getting started is probably lower than it ever has been. And with those things in place, it is a matter of finding the content you wish to learn. So, to help others who may be looking to maximize their own learning efforts, I have listed some quick tips:

Set Achievable Goals

Learn with Others

Make it a Habit

Do Something with Your Knowledge

Go! Be Fearless!