Katie in Cali - Day 1


Katie encouraged me to start writing on my blog again, and since she is visiting me in California for the next 11 days… this is the perfect time to start. For those who need some context: Katie is my girlfriend and she is awesome!

Today, she is making stops in Birmingham, Dallas, Orange County, and then San Francisco on her way to see me in Mountain View, California. As I am typing, she is about to takeoff on her last flight of the day. And, within the next three hours, she will be here and our next big adventure will begin.

We have a full itinerary of activities planned: skiing in Tahoe, riding bikes over Golden Gate Bridge, and camping on the beaches in Santa Cruz for starters. I’m not sure I have been this excited for anything in a long time. In fact, I had a relapse of the “first date” sickness—a stomach ache plus restlessness. What should I wear? Do I look okay? What will I say? Nerve-wracking stuff!

Anyways, I’m pretty sure what I am wearing and saying will be marginal in comparison to seeing Katie again. I’ll save the mushy gushy, and Katie and I will pick this story back up tonight once we’ve spent the day. Off to SFO!

Since it reads more clearly, I am writing this post in first-person; however, Katie is sitting next to me, and we are creating this content together. Also, she took all the pictures!

We achieved our goal of being dead-tired by the end of Day 1. After reuniting at the airport, we stopped for brunch at a cozy little joint in San Bruno called Cafe Grillades. This restaurant specializes in Mediterranean and North African food, and neither of us could pass on one of their wonderful savory crepes. Katie chose the smoked salmon, and I went with the smoked turkey—primo! We’d highly recommend it to anyone stopping near the San Francisco airport (SFO), it is about 10 minutes away next to Highway 280.

After brunch, we headed back to Mountain View so that Katie could see my apartment and drop off her bags. I quickly gave her a tour, and then we headed back out to walk around the area. Our first stop was Rengstorff Park, a place I pass on my way to work each morning, but have never actually visited. The park is great: it has fields for soccer, 8 tennis courts, places to grill or picnic, and even a public pool (but it was closed). Once we walked the park’s perimeter, Katie and I made a detour by my office which is about a 10 minute walk down the road. Although we did not go in, we ran into two of my co-workers who each jokingly said, “Katie it is so nice to meet you! You are REAL!” … (haha, yes, Katie isn’t just an imaginary girlfriend that I keep a picture of on my desk).

Another 10 minute walk back to the apartment, and we were a little hungry and definitely tired. Katie and I went over to Rincón Sabroso for dinner and grabbed some quesadillas and horchata. If you like quick Latin food (or awesome Salvadoran pupusas, then this is your place! Then, to close out Day 1, we took a relaxing dip in the neighborhood pool’s hot tub and called it a night. Tahoe we will see you in the morning!