Katie in Cali - Day 7


Since it reads more clearly, I am writing this post in first-person; however, Katie and I are creating this content together. Also, she took all the pictures!

I am writing this as Katie flies back to Alabama. Once she can get the rest of the pictures off of her camera, we will upload them!

Katie and I took the early train into San Francisco so that we could redeem our bike rentals as soon as possible. For the bikes, we booked with Blazing Saddles–a popular touring service in the city. Not knowing what kind of terrain to expect, we chose the 24-speed hybrid bikes and set out on our way. The exhilarating ride took us past Fort Point (a Civil War era fort used to protect the bay), over the Golden Gate Bridge, and into the beautiful coastal town of Sausalito. I have some video of the ride over the bridge which I will share later.




Once in Sausalito, we parked the bikes alongside the boardwalk and walked to the Italian-inspired Sausalito Bakery and Cafe for lunch. There, we refueled with some hefty sandwiches and dolma. Then, less than a block away, we stumbled upon a shop that was doing 3x wine tastings for $5. Having not shared a drink the whole trip, we couldn’t turn away from this affordable wine tasting so close to Sonoma County. Sticking with white wines, the selection was light and refreshing despite the heat outside. The lady running the tasting even knew of the name of Katie’s relative who runs the Harlan Estate Winery in Napa.


To get back to San Francisco, we took our bikes onboard the ferry from Sausalito to Pier 41. Then, a short ride later, Katie and I returned our bikes and sped back to the Caltrain station—this gave us plenty of time to meet my roommate Chris for dinner in Cupertino. Much to our gratitude, Chris graciously ordered us a spread of authentic, Shanghai-style Chinese food at Shanghai Garden and tasty Taiwanese baked goods at 85C. Our favorites items of the night were the sautéed snow peas, rice cakes, and the pork buns. Everything was top-notch and so filling that Katie and I were both loosening our belts to make extra room!