Katie in Cali - Day 8


Since it reads more clearly, I am writing this post in first-person; however, Katie and I are creating this content together. Also, she took all the pictures!

I am writing this as Katie flies back to Alabama. Once she can get the rest of the pictures off of her camera, we will upload them!

With another sunny day, Katie and I decided to go to the beach. Unlike the beaches we are used to in the Gulf of Mexico, the beaches in northern California mostly have small beachfronts, high cliffs, dark sand, and cold water. But, this did not stop us from getting next to the ocean. Aiming for a picnic lunch, we stopped by the Milk Pail Market in the morning to pick up supplies. The Milk Pail Market is a European-style open-air market… hence, Katie loved shopping here.

With Chris’ recommendation, we drove north towards Pacifica before steering down the coastline to Gray Whale Cove State Beach. The view from here is amazing: you are bordered on both sides by two large cliffs producing nice surf-able wave formations. After finding a place to lay down our stuff, we ate lunch, threw a frisbee, and relaxed in the sand. So, despite not getting into the water, it was comparable to a day at the beach in the Gulf.


Yes, it's as big as it looks!

For the evening, Katie setup an authentic Indian dinner with her longtime friends, the Roy family, in San Jose. When she was still teaching swim lessons in Huntsville, she taught both the daughters Anusha and Arusha how to swim. And, based on the dinner conversation, the girls had not only learned how to swim, but are now swimming regularly in competitions around the area. Following the wonderful dinner, we stayed to socialize and were even entertained by the girl’s piano playing. They are really talented!