Building Mobile App for Trello

I am embarking on a journey to create a new app for my capstone project for Udacity’s iOS Nanodegree. The app will focus on creating reports, charts, and filters for Trello using their API. Currently, Trello lacks such features, and this app would be extremely useful for recalibrating oneself to their currently assigned cards, recently completed cards, or any other information they may need to glean. I am going to name the app “Tahoe” after the name of my family’s white standard poodle who should be arriving this fall. Also, because Tahoe will be dog mascot for the app, hopefully he will draw a parallel with Trello’s husky mascot named Taco (but not a strong enough parallel such that it prohibits Trello’s third party guidelines).

To summarize, Tahoe will focus on three main features:

  1. Ability to filter cards
  2. Ability to create reports for filters
  3. (If time allows) Ability to modify cards that is functionally equivalent to Trello