DominoKit Swift Library

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Recently, I’ve been thinking about building table top games in Swift. And today I decided to take another step in the direction by building a simple library called DominoKit!

import DominoKit

let sixEight = Domino(suitOne: .six, suitTwo: .eight)
print(sixEight) // "[06|08]"
print(sixEight.suitOne) // "06"
print(sixEight.suitTwo) // "08"
print(sixEight.isDouble) // false
print(sixEight.isSingle) // true
print(sixEight.rank) // 14

As you can see in the code example above, the primary purpose of the library is to define a Domino type that can be used in other applications. Because it is only available through the SwiftPM that really only means command line applications right now, but eventually I want to expand it to anything Cocoa. Anyways, I hope some people try it out. I’m going to give it a test run in a few days by building a command line version of Chicken Foot.