Sketch and InVision

Am I talented enough to be a full time designer? No. Do I occasionally need to generate my own graphics for projects? Absolutely, yes.

This week, I expanded my ad-lib “designer skills” by learning how to use Sketch in conjunction with InVision. If you’ve never heard of either tool, then here is the short n’ sweet — Sketch is a vector graphics app that rivals Abode Illustrator because of its ease-of-use (especially for app design) and InVision is an in-browser prototyping tool that lets you experiment with designs and gather feedback from project stakeholders. As I recently learned, both of these tools play very nicely together. The workflow between them looks like this:

  1. Sketch: Design graphics (for me, these were screens for a new iOS app)
  2. Sketch: Export graphics to InVision
  3. InVision: Add navigation between graphics to create clickable prototype
  4. InVision: Share clickable prototype with stakeholders and collect feedback

That’s it!