Starting at Spur and Gameboy Emulator

I just started a new role at Spur as an iOS Engineer and Mobile Lead. So far things are going really well. I’m hoping to take a more scientific approach to everything I do in this role — especially when it comes to understanding the core business. I figure there is no point in beginning work if I’m not convinced of what will help the bottom line. I’m inspired to work on helping more people find work, and I’m happy to lend my expertise to the problem.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of building a Gameboy emulator with my neighbor who is also a software engineer. I’ve been wanting to embark on a challenge like this since I started writing code. Understanding a system well enough to write an emulator would be new and exciting territory for me; the prospect of building an emulator and seeing an existing Gameboy title run on top of it… that sounds especially awesome to me.

I’ll keep this short. I want my blog to become a habit not a chore. I’m also reading through “The Everything Store” about Amazon’s rise from a garage startup to a global retail power — I’ll post my notes soon.