“Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World” by David Epstein

My Summary

Broad experiences across domains would be super beneficial to anyone, but especially to humanity, whose next set of hard, intractable problems will most likely be solved by those who have “range”.

One of my favorite quotes, “…we often expect the hyper specialist, because of their expertise in a narrow area, to magically be able to extend their skill to wicked [intractable, broad] problems, [but] the results can be disastrous. [The solution are T-shaped people — those with deep (in at least 1 area) and wide knowledge].”


The Cult of a Head Start

How the Wicked World was Made

When Less of the Same is More

Learning Fast and Slow

Thinking Outside if Experience

The Trouble with Too Much Grit

Flirting with Your Possible Selves

The Outsider Advantage

Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology

Fooled by Expertise

Learning to Drop Your Familiar Tools

Deliberate Amateurs