Shape Up

“Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters” by Ryan Singer

My Summary

Shape Up is Basecamp’s product development methodology. It is an alternative to methodologies that are steeped in the following problems:

Shape Up’s alternative approach is well-summarized in the foreword:

For one, we’re not into waterfall or agile or scrum. For two, we don’t line walls with Post-it notes. For three, we don’t do daily stand ups, design sprints, development sprints, or anything remotely tied to a metaphor that includes being tired and worn out at the end. No backlogs, no Kanban, no velocity tracking, none of that.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Principles of Shaping

Chapter 3: Set Boundaries

Chapter 4: Find the Elements

Chapter 5: Risks and Rabbit Holes

Chapter 6: Write the Pitch

Chapter 7: Bets, Not Backlogs

Chapter 8: The Betting Table

Chapter 9: Place Your Bets

Chapter 10: Hand Over Responsibility

Chapter 11: Get One Piece Done

Chapter 12: Map the Scopes

Chapter 13: Show Progress

Chapter 14: Deciding When to Stop

Chapter 15: Move On

Appendix: Adjusting to Your Size