True Masculinity

I read something yesterday that compelled me to write: “true masculinity is the moral exercise of authority”. If you believe this to be true, which I do, then what a healthy reminder. In many ways, our world has and is continuing to devalue the masculinity described in this clarifying statement. It is a reminder why the world devalues masculinity — we do not want it, authority, exercised over us. This is as true today as it was in Eden. We are naturally rebellious. Like children, we desire to push the boundaries, strike our own ground, and exert our will over the circumstances in front of us. To humble ourselves, to pause, to recognize a moral authority, and to respect and follow its terms… that is counterintuitive to our core. It runs contrary to our nature. Which begs the question, what moral authority are you following? Is your moral authority yourself? Or is it someone or something outside of yourself?